On 9 February, PDG David Hotzhausen travelled to Saldanha Bay to meet up with a cyclist – Konrad Clifton – who was riding the West Coast (Springbok to Cape Town) to highlight mobility for the disabled, and was able to deliver 4 wheelchairs needed by community members.

The first two deliveries were replacements for worn out wheelchairs that family members were unable to replace.

The Rotary Club of Bellville
The recipients are Ambrose Danster (left) and Dawid Maggel (right)
The Rotary Club of Bellville

The remaining two were delivered to community members who were housebound as they did not have wheelchairs, and could only leave with help from family members these wheelchairs are life changing for them!

In addition, as part of the outreach, mobility ramps are being constructed at their houses, to make access easier.

The recipients are Katrina Cloete (left) and Anne Magrietha (right)

The joy on their faces at being able to move around made
the entire trip worthwhile!

The community of Saldanha Bay were out in support of the team – with riders from Diazville High School accompanying us for the wheelchair handover, and afterwards we had the chance to talk about Rotary’s work and plans to expand up the West Coast.

Rotary Bellville

Overall, this trip highlighted why we are in Rotary –
being able to change people’s lives!